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Winter Love Your Lake Tips

Following a few simple love your lake tips this winter can have a big impact on the quality of our lake.

Avoid overuse of salt for ice removal Excess salt can wash into the lake where it is toxic to sensitive aquatic life. Once salt reaches our waterways, the sodium chloride doesn’t break down.

After a snowfall, follow these tips from Wisconsin Salt Wise

-Shovel: Clear walkways and other areas before the snow turns to ice. The more snow you can remove, the less salt you will have to use.

-Scatter: If you use salt, scatter it so there is space between the grains.

-Switch: When pavement temperatures drop below 15 degrees, salt becomes ineffective. Switch to sand for traction or to a different ice melter manufactured to work at lower temperatures

-Sweep: If the forecast calls for rain, sweep up any leftover salt from driveways and sidewalks.

Turn off your water softener when not at the lake for a period of time

Water softener salt can also end up in our lake. If you are not going to be in-residence during the winter, disconnect your water softener. If you are a full time resident, monitor your water softener salt use. If you use more than one bag of salt per month, have a professional tune it up or replace it with a high-efficiency water softener.

Every small action you take to manage your property sustainably will have a big impact on our lake. Be a steward of your shoreline property. If we all incorporate these multiple practices, we will make a positive change…together.


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