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The FLPO Board meets bi-monthly, the first Saturday of the month, 9:30a, beginning in February (February, April, June, August, October, December). All FLPO members are invited to attend. If you wish to add an item to the agenda, don't hesitate to contact the FLPO president for consideration. The FLPO annual meeting takes place the first Saturday of June, 9:30a. All meetings occur at the Fox Lake Town Hall, W10543 CTY F.

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Our Story

The Fox Lake Preservation Organization was created around 1954 by people who love the lake and were concerned about the quality of life for the waters of Fox Lake and the area of Fox Lake.  Before helping organize the Inland Lake District, the Fox Lake Preservation Organization was involved in many large projects for the lake, such as dam repair, fish stocking, aeration to prevent winter fish kill, purchasing of buoys to mark the aerator area, paying the electric bill to run them, buying an oxygen tester for use by DNR and then the Township, start-up of installation of rock beds for walleye habitat, the building of fish cribs, running a weed cutter, volunteering of time for all major jobs, working with DNR on projects such as fish shocking surveys and fish stocking, and donation toward water rescue equipment

Once the Inland Lake District was formed, they and the DNR performed many of these larger jobs through grant programs.  Now the FLPO still stocks fish, works on fish habitats, and furnishes the Town Park with tables, grills, a handicapped fishing pier, and a band/picnic shelter.  We donate toward many recreational activities such as annual fireworks, Concerts in the Park,  and Friends Fishing/Pontoon Ride Outing.

We encourage everyone in the Fox Lake area to become members. Your voice can be heard through us, even if you don’t live here full-time.

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Fox Lake Preservation Organization is to preserve and improve Fox Lake and its surroundings and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic values of Fox Lake as a public recreational facility for today and future generations.

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Your FLPO Board

Mike Tegtmeyer (2020) -  President

Mike Carlino (2014) - Vice President

Linda Truelove (2010) - Treasurer

John Lorenty (2014)

Mike Drury (2018)

Chris Falkenstein (2021)

Tracey Hensen (2022)

Phil Hansen (2023)

Deb McKenna (2023)

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