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Frequently Asked Questions


Weeds and muck management around the lake is always a topic that comes up, which both of these items are managed by FLILPARD.  When it comes to weeds, there is a once-a-year treatment that you can pay for, and FLILPARD works with the DNR on permits.  For 2024, this permit process is already closed and the chemical treatments are happening in the next few weeks. FLILPARD also manages the waterways which are mapped out on their website, where they will keep the areas where there are channel markers clear of weeds.  Here is the link that shows where they keep the weeds clean:


For overall Lake Management, FLILPARD works with the land and waterway commision to reduce runoff and sentiments from entering the lakes. For what I know as of now, there is not a sediment removal plan for the shallow areas of the lake.   We have talked to a few homeowners that went out and purchased their own solution, which I have attached for your reference.  This was just installed at a few homeowners locations on the north side of the lake this year and not sure how successful it is yet.  Just sharing as reference in case you want to look into a solution like this.


This same group of homeowners did get a DNR grant to remove sediment via dredging, but due to the warm winter they could not get it done this year.  They went with the bubbler system instead to see if it helps.  

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