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Welcome to the Fox Lake Preservation Organization

Enhancing the water quality, fishery, boating safety,and aesthetic value of Fox Lake

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Who We Are

Fox Lake is a 2,713 acre lake located in Dodge County, Wisconsin. The Fox Lake Preservation Organization (FLPO) is a dedicated entity established in 1954 by passionate individuals who cherished Fox Lake and its encompassing environment. Our founders were driven to maintain and enhance the quality of life in and around the lake's waters. The organization is fervently committed to continually improving Fox Lake's water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic beauty, pivotal in ensuring a balanced and thriving ecosystem for the lake and its surroundings.

Our Work & Contributions

Before establishing the Inland Lake District, FLPO was actively involved in numerous significant projects.
- Dam repair and maintenance.
- Fish stocking and aeration to mitigate winter fish kills.
- Procurement and installation of buoys to demarcate the aerator area and fund the corresponding electrical requirements.
- Acquisition of an oxygen tester for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Township.
- Initiation and installation of rock beds for enhancing walleye habitat.
- Construction of fish cribs and operation of a weed cutter.
- Collaborative efforts with DNR for various projects like fish shocking surveys and donations towards water rescue equipment.

Post the formation of the Inland Lake District, we and the DNR have executed many significant initiatives through grant programs.

Current Initiatives

FLPO continues to:
- Fish stocking and developing fish habitats.
- Provide Town Park with a fish washing station.
- Contribute to recreational activities, including annual fireworks, Concerts in the Park, and Friends Fishing/Pontoon Ride Outing.

Become a Member

We welcome all Fox Lake area residents and homeowners to join us as members. By uniting, we can further the noble cause initiated by our predecessors and work together to advance the mission of preserving and enhancing the beautiful Fox Lake. Please consider supporting our endeavors by becoming a member of FLPO.

Let’s collectively ensure the prosperity and sustainability of Fox Lake for present and future generations!

FLPO 2023 Year In Review (1-31-2024)
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